September 16, 2008

Woohoo, past few days have just been really crazy for me, hopefully i don’t die from exhaustion and manage to submit my website in time, still chionging right now, quite glad that christine and peixin are skipping classes so i won’t feel so bad about not going and also so that i won’t be alone in classes… Progress has been slow but i still have two days so i’ve got to make it count!

Anyway, i was really touched cuz when i totally fell sick there were so many people giving me advice on how to take care of myself and what i should eat and what i shouldn’t and what not. NOT that i don’t know how to take care of myself lah… haha but it was nice to see that others are concerned about you. Like lijin totally scolded me for trying to steal a piece of chicken from nic lah… *warm feelings* hahaha, i’m sorry for calling her a slut. 😀 hahaha… Well and the night before i was feeling the sickness coming along already but i was still chionging work till late, shalyn told me to drink water and sleep, of course which i ignored thinking that it’d be nothing… LOL HOW I KNOW? flu, cold, sorethroat… everything lah, like super combo totally just piak leh… And of course now a day after i’m feeling just a little bit iffy and it’s evolved into a cough… how long moreeeee do i have to eat been hoon soup?!

How did i get sick in the first place? haha this is a long story, and i goes wayyyyy back into last friday… Cuz we had foosball on saturday so friday we decided to have a stayover, and i don’t know what possessed all of them but at the last minute a bottle of bacardi appeared on the table and things weren’t so innocent anymore… hahaha, anyway yea we had a little drinking session, sholleh and wyncy passed cuz one is allergic and one is muslim DUH. Anyway amos, betty and mallory totally got drunk lah, chrystal was knocked out so she wasn’t much trouble… but we all know how irritating amos and mal can get when they’re hyper, now they’re hyper AND drunk… haha good game… 😀 hahaha i think sholleh enjoyed playing father to them… hahaha betty is ultra funny when she’s drunk, totally have to upload the videos to show man, i mean it’s really hilarious, but i think that she’d probably sue me because she’s miss image, must maintain maintain… hahaha…

Okay so after drinking nite, i didn’t sleep because… we had to calm the little dweebs down before they raped each other… Haha no lah, sholleh did quite well making them go to sleep after all… I had to carry amos off at one point though cuz he was just all over the place… hahaha and i think he accidentally whacked mal’s boob or something… YUP anyway i didn’t sleep and in the morning we just all headed down to school, haha remember i had alcohol running through my veins and i didn’t sleep a wink… Anyway foosball was fun because we kept bathing in school and the school showers are BLOODY cold but it’s BLOODY shiok because since it’s BLOODY cold after that you feel BLOODY fresh… haha betty bathes like a boy, she’s really fast, and sholleh comes out of the toilet without his pants on… haha that’s right, anyway, betty, shol and i hung out abit while the rest were konked out… then whilst we were setting up… a great disaster occurred… i started playing soccer… ok ok when i told my brother i played soccer he put his hand on my forehead and asked if i was alright… you see I NEVER PLAY SOCCER. Haha, it’s just not in me but i don’t know why on saturday i was so INTO it lah, like after 18 years i finally see why some people get that rush when they’re on the ball… Okay anyway that aside, i got so into it i played BEFORE the games started and DURING the games and played like dunno how many umpteen games… after that i think my legs never felt so tired ever before, it was a disaster… like i could barely walk cuz i was so freakin’ tired hahaha…

AS IF RUNNING AROUND LIKE A MAD CHICKEN ALL DAY WASN’T ENOUGH. We went to chomp chomp for dinner… and had a whole load of seafood… not good not good .. the next day was auntie’s big treat so we went and had a whole ten course dinner of heaty and crazily unhealthy oily food… GG liao loh… hahaha so now i have the deadly combination and it’s seriously freaking painful… hahaha…

Okay jam and hop just got cancelled, hahaha i’m sitting here right now in the meeting typing this because i need to quickly release so that i’ll still be able to maintain a cool front… hahaha EH it’s actually not such big a deal because at least now i have more time to plan, you see the word that melvin used was “CANCELLED” not “POSTPONED” haha so i guess maybe… shouldn’t get my hopes too up… hahaha well, i know i did my best and really chionged, but it means i should have gone home earlier to sleep yesterday too.. LOL i totally had myself prepared already lah, it’s alright… haha…

Okay this means that i can chiong 100% for my submission and after that i can relax and have fun, haha Syara’s party coming up… I’m in the party main comm yo! hahaha okay i kinda forced syara to form that hahaha but it’s gonna be fun… i hope… hahaha… Meeting is really boring right now and melvin started off really really black faced like… !@#$%^&*… hahaha, but oh well, it’s not like he’s always on time… Haha… 😀 So i didn’t take it too seriously either… haha…

My throat is going to come out… haha i cannot take it… I wish i was a sub comm…

i wish i wasn’t in the DOC main comm because i know i’ll regret not going for FOC…

why must vani want it her way? i don’t like being pushed into a corner, i still want to go for FOC because somehow it’s one of the best things that happened to me in TP… Okay resolves to talk to her about it…

Melvin just told us the reason for jam and hop… ABOUT TIME haha just say loh…He just now say “cancelled” only i was quite unhappy that there was no like valid reason… hahaha unfounded causes la, Mr. M is a tweep… hahaha

Okay hopes for jam and hop just went floating into the air… hahaha it’s very uncertain because… he didn’t say whether we’re still going to have it in the future or not leh… haiz, hahaha…

ANYWAY just random thoughts that are running through my head even as i’m sitting in this meeting, HOPE I CAN FINISH MY SUBMISSION BY TONIGHT! 😀



One Response to “sickopathical”

  1. matt said

    hello you, pls take good care of urself. haven’t met you in a long while. let’s chill out tog aft all ur submissions okays? smile! (:

    *someone didn’t reply to my sms*

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