the snooze-king

August 3, 2008

hullo hullo, i’m posting! great man, hahaha i’m finally back in front of the comp ready for a post, anyway it’s not that i don’t want to post but posting without pictures is just NOT SHIOK okay… and the AGM pictures didn’t turn out very pretty anyway so i was just waiting for a right time to post basically… πŸ˜€


anyway i want to show off my empire, everyone say hi to WIKKEL the cutest empire ever from DSC sub comm camp, haha aww i miss camp so much it was pretty fun and we were TOTALLY just getting started when it all ended… anyway here it is:

haha i love every single one eh! πŸ˜€ haha…

anyway today i went for Festival of Praise with Wyncy, Melvin and Tom… plus my cell group sitting in front luh… but technically the four of us went together… πŸ˜€ hahah anyway it was kinda interesting cuz if you think about it the four of us are the LAST group of people you’d see together on any given random day hanging out… like… UHHH… nevermind, we took cool night shots so i’mma show it off next time… πŸ˜€

Am feeling really jumbled now because despite having a damn cool muji notebook/organiser/scheduler thingy i still can’t seem to keep track of the things that i have to do such that i keep double booking myself… haha woops… looks like i have to skip this thursdays meeting already… haha…

i am going through an outbreak. 7 pimples at once is not a very nice thing, haha but i’m glad i’m too busy to have to bother about them… haha, FOP was just one crazy whirlwind of fun/work/fellowship… i should’ve served more… hahaha, but yea just anyway it was fun… πŸ˜€ hahaha but today(last day) i was quite stoned so i basically just got into my seat and stoned there whilst geri was commenting about having her “crepe” already… which i immediately interpreted as having her “crap” and i guessed it really must’ve been quite shiok for the toilet bowl… πŸ˜€ hahaha… thank God that i don’t have to bother the chicken rice uncle with orders ever again and that i don’t have to eat chicken rice ANYMORE… i know half of attributes bookstore hates me for the 3-day chicken rice marathon and the lack of 3-in-1 coffee in the store… -_- i’m totally bakoufed(random invented word, it doesn’t exist) by their high standards for welfare, we should totally get us a VIP lounge next time then… HAHA i’m not complaining, i know chicken rice for three days sucks too… hrmmph… nevermind, someone help me find that word which i’m lookin’ for…

i’m getting so so so fat, i need to get out and lose it, as such i declare a one week fast during which i will eat nothing but grass…

my brain my brain my brain…Β it’s totally jumbled i swear, as mentioned before this coolio muji organiser doesn’t seem to be working… HOW?!?! sei chor loh, hahaha… ohkay makes a mental note not to extensively use cantonese in my blog posts lest i receive flak for my sub no-standard in the language (RIGHT HOR,Β MAGDALENE?!!) hahaha… despite the mumbo jumbo i’m still quite peacefully sitting here and enjoying the peace of my room… this is a good thing, at least i’m not feeling all high strung and frustrated like i was in the toilet,Β i was pissed cuz the shampoo kept bombing to the floor (by this i mean crashing to the floor at exceedingly high speeds) and this happens everytime i bathe so i was so pissed my insides wanted to scream at the shampoo… but i know that it’s not the pantene’s fault so i happily threw out the cheapo follow me shampoo my mama brought from malaysia and replaced it’s place with pantene in all it’s glory… wahahaha, greatness… πŸ˜€

high strung, high strung, everyone has been really high strung these few days/weeks and stuff like that, i don’t know, maybe it’s the weather. But i find that i’ve been coming into contact with high-strung people far to often! so often that it’s abit depressing because when people get high-strung on me i feel like i’m getting scolded and everytime i feel like i’m getting scolded i just get pissed off… ah, all the high-strung people in the world should go and die. πŸ˜€ haha…

THERE ARE PEOPLE(PERSON) IN MY LIFE WHOM I THINK ARE VERY FAKE. Yea, haha just to add on the the above, fake people should be put to death too… haha, it just makes me want to die when i feel that someone is trying to befriend me just because he/she wants to make sure that he/she is friends with everyone… they will have no good end… πŸ˜€ hahaha…

How long haven’t i posted? i must make up for lost time and post alot this time round leh! hahaha but i don’t think anything interesting has been happening in my life recently… make a mental note: do something interesting… ahaha, i’m feeling abit broke, i just gave a 10 buck offering during FOP… ahaha before the offering the preacher was saying that we should not write the amount yet because we should be moved first by the sharing of the word then decide what to give… haha deep inside i was being all cyncial and catty and said to myself i’m giving 2 bucks you can try whatever ways and means to convince me but i ain’t givin’ no more… stupid issac, why are you always so stupid… hahaha i ended up giving ten bucks, go figure… hahaha… but it felt great luh, hahaha… just wanted to share how stupid i felt… πŸ˜€

melvin’s head was a big hazard today. i know this is just random but during FOP when reuben morgan from hillsong invited everyone to hang out at the front i was standing like right behind melvin. πŸ˜€ bad choice. πŸ˜€ hahaha whilst i was being all high and jumping and stuff i could distinctly see a big round patch of black in front of me… and i was extremely aware of the fact that my face could just smash into it and there’d be alot of chaos and blood… well, yea basically my main point… i don’t have a main point. nevermind.

okay here’s until i blog again sometime in the next six months πŸ˜€ hahaha




3 Responses to “the snooze-king”

  1. wyncy said

    woah you really blogged right after we suan-ed you!
    and how can you not mention about the poor usher you whacked today?


  2. yingying said

    your post is sooo long haha. and bs ing is not fun without you!!! muaha

  3. izakteh said

    wyncy – i totally did not whack and usher lahhhzzZzxzxZx… πŸ˜€ izak is nice *snort* hahaha… -_-

    yingying – πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ awwww, hahaha gan dong… hahaha…

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