kungfu panda!

June 11, 2008

Ok hello hello hello, here i am back to blog about life. Okay today was quite a good day i must admit because i managed to finish my public speaking speech draft, really happy about that, plus i watched many episodes of America’s Next Top Model back to back on this really cool website that Robin gave me… AND i watched KUNGFU PANDA!!! haha i’m absolutely elated, you have no idea how happy i am that the outing went through… 😀 yay

and thanks all the understanding people for trying to cheer me up, i was in the pits, it’s not that i lost my ipod luh, it’s more of a combination of things i guess… well, i felt much better after the movie although my contacts were giving me extreme hell and the moment i got home i TORE them off… i will never buy coloured contacts again… but they’re nice… 😀 k maybe i will… haha

ANYWAY the big THING that happened today! haha i’m not calling it an event, or a situation or a happening cuz it just either sounds weird… or, it just doesn’t fall into one of those categories… haha so i’m just going to say that the big THING that happened today was that… Sholleh got mistaken for a sexual pervert. You see it was a much more innocent thing but i’m making it sound much more scandalous through my language… 😀 whaha… ok anyway, what happened was that we were all here at E!Hub getting ready for a movie and all, and we were getting food and standing outside old chang kee just standing around and stuff… and THIS GIRL! THIS GIRLIE GIRL! This not very tall with stripey shirt and short jean shorts girl! She just tapped sholleh on the shoulder and when he turned around there she was all girlie with the hand on the waist and the hand primped up and pointin’ to herself and all, and SHE SAID “Scuse’ me, did you like just touch my butt?” … I was like !@#$%^&! hahaha who the hell touches butts in Singapore little lady?

Anyway Sholleh said “no”… like straight away and appeared pissed afterward cuz he claims she ain’t that pretty and all… haha, i should have just stood there and said “OH YEAH HE DID!” and did the whole diva stare stare hands in the air “uh huh” look thingy… hahaha poor Sholleh…

Tonne of things to do… BUCK UP ISSACCC! 😀

cheers from two swollen eyes and five newly bursted pimples… 😀



One Response to “kungfu panda!”

  1. becca said

    izakteh!! are u still very busy?!

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