One perk about being a part of an event but being in the main committee but also not being the overall in-charge of the entire event is… We can all go absolutely crazy with whatever we are doing. And that’s what we did yesterday, fitted up 100 over programme booklets with pop-ups and made the design space look like a lounge bar… HOW COOL ARE WE?! hahaha …

AGM was the bomb lah, i mean i haven’t have had so much fun in such a long time, not to mention we were utterly and totally just ridiculous with each other half of the time. πŸ˜€ special mention to sholleh for wearing that datuk outfit with the humOngOs rings… they were just hilarious! Anyway, i declare “ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS” the dsc AGM a success woo… with the mafia boss, sultry bar-singer, crazy managers, restaurant waitresses, datuks and tycoons, jackpot taitai’s and little ah bengs, hotel heiresses and their bodyguards and the playboy around as well… πŸ˜€ WE WERE MADDDD hahaha… oh i forgot the dealer.. yes yes we had a dealer with the very nice shiny tie, i was so jealous steven… hahaha

kezia and i were faking filipino accents all day and being really nosey poking our nose into all of the AGM business… hahaha,Β being really like ” I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO CUZ I’M A FLOATER…” haha…

OKAY SO NOW I’M WAITING FOR PICTURES! PLEASE SEND! hahaha… took so many pictures yo, quite happy…

anyway, there were so many ACCION people there too! hahaha it was just a happy occasion and i don’t really suppose anyone was paying attention to the serious stuff… *aheM* ahaha, but it was all protocol so we had to do it anyway… πŸ˜€ haha, oh and serina’s performance was like FABuLoUs! hahaha… πŸ˜€ melvin was totally smitten we could tell… πŸ˜€



kungfu panda!

June 11, 2008

Ok hello hello hello, here i am back to blog about life. Okay today was quite a good day i must admit because i managed to finish my public speaking speech draft, really happy about that, plus i watched many episodes of America’s Next Top Model back to back on this really cool website that Robin gave me… AND i watched KUNGFU PANDA!!! haha i’m absolutely elated, you have no idea how happy i am that the outing went through… πŸ˜€ yay

and thanks all the understanding people for trying to cheer me up, i was in the pits, it’s not that i lost my ipod luh, it’s more of a combination of things i guess… well, i felt much better after the movie although my contacts were giving me extreme hell and the moment i got home i TORE them off… i will never buy coloured contacts again… but they’re nice… πŸ˜€ k maybe i will… haha

ANYWAY the big THING that happened today! haha i’m not calling it an event, or a situation or a happening cuz it just either sounds weird… or, it just doesn’t fall into one of those categories… haha so i’m just going to say that the big THING that happened today was that… Sholleh got mistaken for a sexual pervert. You see it was a much more innocent thing but i’m making it sound much more scandalous through my language… πŸ˜€ whaha… ok anyway, what happened was that we were all here at E!Hub getting ready for a movie and all, and we were getting food and standing outside old chang kee just standing around and stuff… and THIS GIRL! THIS GIRLIE GIRL! This not very tall with stripey shirt and short jean shorts girl! She just tapped sholleh on the shoulder and when he turned around there she was all girlie with the hand on the waist and the hand primped up and pointin’ to herself and all, and SHE SAID “Scuse’ me, did you like just touch my butt?” … I was like !@#$%^&! hahaha who the hell touches butts in Singapore little lady?

Anyway Sholleh said “no”… like straight away and appeared pissed afterward cuz he claims she ain’t that pretty and all… haha, i should have just stood there and said “OH YEAH HE DID!” and did the whole diva stare stare hands in the air “uh huh” look thingy… hahaha poor Sholleh…

Tonne of things to do… BUCK UP ISSACCC! πŸ˜€

cheers from two swollen eyes and five newly bursted pimples… πŸ˜€

NITE! πŸ˜€

Church boy

June 8, 2008

Okay i’m right now sitting at the customer service counter, service just started, everyone has already streamed in so it’s pretty deserted here… I’m on the comp, feels weird surfing the net in church, i don’t think youtube is appropriate even! haha, playing wahjong did cross my mind, i don’t deny… πŸ˜€

Well, i haven’t updated in awhile, so here’s a chance to tell the whole world that i’m terribly sleep deprived and still 10,000 miles behind in my homework. PLUS i’m a spiritually struggling money hungry bugger who constantly hopes a bunch of money would drop on his head, I really wouldn’t mind… πŸ˜€

Anyway, yesterday was a crazy day, walking around all day with a TONNE of stuff seriously wasn’t what i was expecting for an entire day out, but i guess i survived it, thought when i got home i rubbed both my eyes crazy cuz it was really itchy after having contacts on ALL DAY…

i want to be rich.

Anyway, i was glad for APEL cuz it was like a breath of fresh air, hanging out with nearly ALL the vsc people and getting to see all the people that i don’t usually get to see anymore… πŸ˜€ it was fun too, and i did drawings! i should upload them as soon as i get near a scanner, man i wish i had photobooth! hahaha…

want a new comp.

i just saw Betty and Mallory! In church! now how cool is that, haha well it’s not everyday that we get to all go to the same church cuz i attend EXPO and well basically both of them are from here, which is jurong west…

yesterdayΒ i was sitting in the bus, and i saw this couple smooching schmoozing very intensely and passionately… i seriously could not believe my eyes, there was this guy sitting directly behind them and there they were going at it like there was no tomorrow, i mean kissing hugging touching leaning and stuff like that, there was this woman with two kids sitting behind me haha, i think she was getting abit uneasy too… we were diagonally behind the lusty couple…

well, if only they were abit hotter it’d be like the o.c….

i am addicted to tauhuay with youtiao… ahhhh, it’s bliss please, haha and yesterday when we went out, caleb practically paid for like everything. LIKE ZOMG hahaha i think he’s gone abit kookoo… haha but still, loves loves caleb for the many nice foods… πŸ˜€

THE NOTICE BOARD IS FINISHED! YES! hahaha or at least more or less it’s done, i think me and wyncy are bothe heaving huge sighs of relief! hahaha, but yea, more pictures about that up soon too! πŸ˜€ haha.. πŸ˜€ ok i have nothing more to say, you see this is why i’m so quiet in real life, i have so much to say when you give me a keyboard… πŸ˜€ yea yea? haha

bye! πŸ˜€


June 2, 2008

something i got of the podcast from 90.5…

“you can’t see eye to eye with someone you look down on…”